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Mutar 1 Question


Well-Known Member
When a Mutar 1 (2x) is mounted in a 1.4 lens should the camera report 1.4 when fully opened or 2 stops higher ?

I suspect the Mutar I just received is defective - there are two tabs in the direction of the camera body. 1 of them is spring loaded. The other flops around.

Doesn't seem right IMHO

Thanks for any help
I've just tested mine out with a 50mm f1.7 Planar and it does report the aperture as being f1.7, even with the loss of light. And I get f3.5 with the 35-70mm f3.4 Vario Sonnar. And mine also has a pin that clunks around inside.

The important things to remember are: that the aperture display tells you what depth of field you are going to get and hence not the actual light level, which is managed by the meter; and that the shutter speed is automatically adjusted to deal with the loss of two stops of light intensity. The adjusted shutter speed will indicate if the shot can be hand-held safely (what the meter is actually "seeing").

So I'd say that there's nothing wrong with it.

Thanks Nick - at the very least it sounds like we have either equally working or equally defective Mutars. (grin)

Do you use yours much ?

Most people noting in forums start out thinking it's a good idea but them later seem they don't find a use for them.

My logic is - take a good 50mm 1.4 and use a Mutar and you're still at 2.8 without all of the bulk and weight.

I guess I'll see if that works out as well as I hope.
No, I've never used it at all! It seemed a good idea at the time, but as I've got the f4 300mm and the f8 500mm Mirotar, neither of which are any good for close up work (such as butterflies or flowers), the need to double the focal length hasn't really cropped up. I normally carry a range of lenses from 25mm to 80-200mm with me, but can swap them around as the fancy takes me so that I can go from 18mm all the way up to 500mm, depending on what I'm thinking of shooting. Though the Mutar is usually there, hidden in the bottom of the bag.