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my contax AX don't focus to infinity


Active Member
in the view finder, manualy or using auto focus, my AX do not align microprism split screen to infinity. maybe a mirror trouble. do you think so ?
I have that problem with my Canon F-1, though I've never had it looked at. Have you shot film to see if the trouble shows up in images?
i wil check to day on film. i 've shot in several positions, and different lenses. in fact, auto focus get in focus at short distance but it is out of focus at infinity.
surprise ! infinity is out of focus with lenses of 50mm and below ,35, 28, 25mm .... the focus error (in the view finder) is worse with wider lenses.
furthermore i check with a second film if there is a trouble of rear focusing. don't know if both problems are closely linked
finaly, it is not a big problem, surely not a problem at all. all images are well focused.