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My First Post...Liberty Science Center


New Member
Hello. Well, I'm new here. Tony "tc95" was the one who introduced me to this forum. I have been browsing the forum and I think it's about time that I post my first picture.

This shot was taken over this past weekend (Feb. 15, 09) at Liberty Science Center, in Jersey City, NJ. The panel that you see in the picture is actually a hologram-like display at the museum's "Germ Connection" exhibition. The combination of Foveon and the 3-D effect of the panel made the germ cells look like they were about to leap out the panel! I thought it was kind of neat. Please enjoy!


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Simply a perfect venue for showing the wonderful attributes of the Foveon sensor. And a VERY nice image overall.
Welcome to the forum!
You show us an outstanding image with beautifull colors.
The boy in the foreground gives a good relation to the real size.