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My latest painting...


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Began with a brand new canvas, put some fresh paint called light on the end of my brush, a few dabs here and there and presto, what say you? ;)

It was so warm up there on the high plains Friday that heat ripples were forming. With the lens fully extended @ 500mm it created something interesting, to me at least. :)

Sincere Regards, Jim R


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Hi Jim,
very interesting picture after I understood how it was taken.
I´ll try that in a few month.:)
Enjoy the summer downunder
I'd like to add a little to my previous explanation, Uwe. The fire affected trees in the background have almost all been bleached to a very light grey/almost white tone, which I think helps this effect. Also, the camera is pointing due east and the time is almost 4pm, so you understand the backlighting beginning to come into play, adding its assistance.

Thanks for the kind comment, Klaus. I am hopefully returning to this spot next week for a 3 day camp in paradise. :)