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Mystery GZuiko Lens


since I am into photomacrography, I ran across a fine
Zuiko lens, but can't find any docu/info on that.
Have a look here:
http://www.macrolenses.de/ml_detail.php? ObjektiveNr=92
Could you please help me to indentify?
Thanks & my best

This is a Canon (?) macro lens repaired with the front ring of a standard 50 mm Zuiko. There is a 135 4.5 macro lens that looks like this one. There are some pictures known of a prototype with a different focussing ring (just like the one in this picture). Finding that prototype would be something!

> Hi Daan, thanks for your info. Are you sure about it being Canon? Did you see / have these images to c&are? Thanks Klaus

I am not sure about this lens being a Canon lens. The chrome ring that connects it to the body looks like the old Canon (FD?) type. Canon lenses of that time have the same focussing ring (but so did Nikors). It could be a home made lens al together, composed of all sorts of parts. Searching Google doesnt get anything looking like this lense. It should be a bellows mount or short mount macro lens. Probably in the 100 - 150 mm range. The Olympus 135 mm could never be fitted with the front ring of a 50/1.4. The glass is much to large for that.

Dr. Schmidt

<since I am into photomacrography, I ran across a fine
Zuiko lens, but can't find any docu/info on that.>

My OM lens chart only shows macro lenses in the following configurations 135 F4.5, 80 F4, 38 F 2.8, 20 F2


Macro F2

I just observed on the B & H website that Olympus now has a macro 50mm F 2.0 for $699.99.


> That is for the new E1 - it is effectively a 100mm f2 macro, since the > E1 sensor is smaller than the 35mm frame.

- marc