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N1 centre weighted mode


New Member
I have little exposure problems with my N1 ( 24-85 ),spot and matrix are very accurate,but when i use centre weighted mode it seems to be much more sensible to highlights rather than low lights.I use slide film like velvia and provia,and had no problem with my Contax 167 or RX,but with N1 in centre weighted mode slides are little underexposed.I compared exposures mode of N1 with a Sekonik and there are no differences.I ask: its possible that introducing matrix mode in N1 Contax had changed the way of reading light of centre weighted mode?(I repeat with 167 and RX I have no problem of underexposure in centre weighted mode).
I have no experience in N1, but my NX tends to a little bit underexposed for centre-weighted mode. Since I shoot negative most of the time, I usually set it to shoot at +2/3 stop.
Hmmm, not sure but I did extensively compare centre-weighted to matrix with both Provia and Velvia 100 shooting the same scenes. Pretty much in all cases, centre-weighted underexposes these scenes by 0.5-1 stop compared to matrix. I don't know the algorithms that are used, but simply accepted it as is, and work with it.
I have found that when it comes to exposure, repeatability is the key for me. I shoot a bunch of tests so I understand how the metering system behaves, when it under- or over-exposes. After that it's just a matter of matching the scene. What I don't like is an "adaptive" system that tries to think for me, like those "personalized" menu listings in Windows XP