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N28-80 mounted on N1 Body


New Member
I have both an NX with the N28-80 lens and a N1 kit. I bought a second N1 body on eBay which arrived today to use with the N28-80 lens rather than the NX body. I found that when I mounted the N28-80 lens to the N1 body the f stops displayed incorrectly in the viewfinder and the body's viewing screen. f 3.5 was displayed as f 4.5 and f 22 as f 32... Changed out to my other N1 body and the same result. Two N1's can't be wrong. I also checked the N70-200 with my N1 and it registers accurately.

Contax literature describes the N28-80 as a new N mount lens so I figured it would work at least equally well with both bodies... Albeit usually as a packaged lens with the NX.

Is my N28-70 working correctly? It registers and displays f stops correctly when attached to the NX. Can I use the N28-80 with my N1? Has anyone else experienced this?

Now why would I want to do this even if I own the N24-85? The feel of the N1 is rock solid and since I am going to the "trouble" of shoot classic film, I want all the pleasure I can get. Hold that N1... hold the NX... there is a big difference. The N28-80 lens takes great pictures and weighs less for walking around travel photography.

Do I shoot digital... sure but I look at those six N lenses I bought eight years back before the fall of Contax and I want to use them. I've taken some wonderful pictures with them in the past. So instead of buying a Canon DSLR kit I bought a G12 for 80 percent of my normal photography needs and now will shoot 35 slides with my Contax N's for that 20 percent "Pleasure".

Perhaps I'm going in the opposite direction or joining a new trend... "Classic Shooting".

Appreciate hearing if anyone else has had this problem or should I just mount the lens and shoot and see what the pictures look like later!
Could it be that the aperture pin is out of adjustment on the 28-80mm lens? As it's consistently out on both bodies, this could be where the problem lies.