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Need info on a Kodak

Dave Richards

New Member
The camera is a Kodak Pixpro AZ525

I would like to know how to use it better.
I am mostly a landscape photographer.
I also want to take night photos and sunset photos.
The camera will allow you to make nice images. You should use Aperture priority at about F 11. A tripod will also make your images much sharper. If using a tripod turn off any anti shake or anti vibration feature. Use the self timer if no cable or wireless release is available. This sensor is small so 8x10 is probably your limit for a nice print, possibly 11x14 if using a tripod and self timer as I mentioned above.
Do not over sharpen when processing. Hope this helps.
I agree with Rod, he makes some excellent suggestions.

The only thing I can add is the PixPro has HDR in both shooting and review modes. You might try them both and see if either works for you. Just remember, if using HDR when shooting the camera really needs to be on a tripod and on a calm day without foliage moving in the breeze.

Since the lens is 24mm you might (probably) will run into some pincushion issues. You can fix that in post. Also, don't be afraid to test the Landscape mode. It might surprise you. And last thing, once you have found your best settings they can be saved in the Custom Settings menu to call up as you desire.

Have fun and post some photos!