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New Guy from Western Washington


New Member
I recently had a LOT of gear stolen, including my beloved Contax AX. Of course, some of the gear I either don't plan to replace, or it is just plain irreplaceable. This has been an emotional situation, it's hard to swallow that so much gear is now gone. However, life goes on and it's no use to dwell on it. I want to simply move forward. Maybe this is a wake-up call to simplify my gear.

But, the Contax AX will be replaced, along with some Yashica ML and Zeiss lenses. The AX has found a place inside my head, and I want to get another to hopefully complete any need for another 35mm SLR system. It should be all I need.

I am signing in to the forum in order to facilitate communication with other Contax lovers.

Best to all,
Welcome, Laurence, The forum seems a bit quiet as of late, but the members here seem very knowledgeable. Post your questions and queries and you will certainly get answers to help you.
I have the AX, bought used 4 years ago, and still have not got used to it fully. I should get it loaded with film more often. Just got it out again in the last 2 days, using slide film. Am still trying to fathom out the macro mode so I can use it without scratching my head at times.
I went overboard at the beginning of the week and bid for a Contax N1, and then the N 70-300 lens. Managed to get both at a fraction of the price when they were new.
Regards, and best of luck with a replacement AX.