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New H1 boy today

Tom Brown

Hi to all
Am a new boy today and am awaiting delivery shortly of an H1 with P30 back. I am retired and live in the North of England with many interests.
Have been searching for an H1 User Manual etc. without much success, there seem to be plenty of H2 manuals (the same?) Would be most grateful for any help and advice. I have owned a 500 and presently have an El.
Many thanks.
Hello Tom, sorry to be so late to the party but I've only just seen your message. Hopefully you have the required manual by now but as I'm sure you've found out, the H2 will serve pretty well for your H1. I also see there's an original H1 manual available from a UK seller on Ebay right now for £19.99. The H1 is a delightful camera to use - I have used both the H1 (with both film and an Ixpress digital back) and the H1D - and my only gripe is the limited top shutter speed which is why I ended up opting for the Ixpress back attached to a Contax 645. I'm happy to accept the slightly smaller format in order to benefit from a higher 1:1000/s speed with the digital back and up to 1:4000/s using film. That being said, the 'Blad was always a pleasure to use and its Fuji-made lenses are a good match for the Contax's Zeiss glass. Enjoy your H1/P30 combo - it's a winner!