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New Member
I am a 'return' user of Contax Cameras having had 3 years with Leica digital. I have now bought a Contax RX with 35/70 CZ Zoom Lens and will get back to 'real photography' very soon.

Previous cameras owned have been Contax from 1937, 137MA. 167MT, Contax ST and a full G2 set. ON the SLRS I have had CZ lenses from 18mm to 300mm.

I am no searching for an Original Manual for the RX - anyone out there to help??

Glad to find this website which will prove to be useful and , importantly a great site for enthusiasts

Best wishes to other users Brian
Hi Brian

Welcome to the forum. I think I do have a RX manual somewhere here, but I would have to search hard. :) Is there anything special you need? I don't have it in digital form.