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New Shift lens for the 645



At the photokina you can see a new shift lens made by Wiese in Germany. A special consignment of 100 units will be manufactured for the 645.

Its not a "shift" lens only, it is a "shift&tilt" lens MC 3,5/45mm
Does anyone have 'how to order?' info on this lens for those of us here in the US? Thanks.

Can you tell me how I can contact Weiss regarding the tilt/shift lens for the 645? Do you know the cost? Thanks.

You can send a E-mail message to Firm WIESE Fototechnik at WIESE-FOTOTECHNIK@t-online.de. The sales price will 1,790 Euro incl. VAT. The lens has been displayed at the CONTAX/KYOCERA booth at the 2002 Photokina fair. The shift/tilt lens is a limited special edition for CONTAX 645.
I have been told by Kyocera UK that the lens will be available from "about June" . List price £ 1800, ( US $2700 ).
John I am surprised as I spoke to Kyocera UK this week and they told me the lens may be available before Christmas or just after Christmas in the UK. It was the Sales manager who gave me the information and confirmed the price at about £1400 + Tax Bob.
Does anyone have any experience with the Hartblei 3.5/45 Super Rotator lens ? I understand it is made in Russia for several medium format cameras including the C645. I have seen it recomended on a web site, but wonder if anyone is familiar with it's level of quality or lack thereof.