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Newbie questions G2


Hi to all. I just bought a G2 and so far have a 45mm and 28mm lens. I haven't even gotten my first roll developed yet. My questions are:

1. Do most people carry around all their lenses and switch them as needed (even frequently), or do they shoot with just one or the other for a while?

2. When do you need to use the depth of field chart and HOW do you use it? Can you give a couple ex&les?

Thanks very much for your input.
Rob L.
> I don't know what most people do, but here's what I do. When I go out > to photograph, I always know what I'm trying to photograph. I decide > in advance what camera and lens I want, and then take only that lens. > I leave the others at home. If, while I'm photographing, I see > something that requires the lens I didn't bring.. bad luck. I don't > photograph it. I found that I missed more photographs by trying to > change lenses than I did by not even having the right lens. When I > only have one lens, I find it changes the way I see things.

Re depth of field: I never use the chart. If I want more depth, I close down the aperture. if I want less, I open it up. It's as simple as that. If I want to shoot hyperfocal, I don't use the G2, although I could do so. I just use a camera that has a DOF scale for that. I find it useful to take a lot of pictures with a camera / lens combo that doesn't change too much, so I begin to learn how things will appear.

I also go out with a certain mindset as to what I want to shoot. I usually have the 45/2 attached but also carry the 90/2.8 in my bag. I don't carry a flash but make sure I have a roll or two of Neopan 1600 or Delta 3200 in my bag.
<p>DOF - I was never much for referring to charts, so I just rely on experience with the camera, knowing the amount of DOF I'm going to get with a certain aperture.
Shooting is a science that requires strategy. I myself have no problem carrying 3 lenses and a body in my overcoat during the winter season.

As stated before, you have to know what you are looking for, choose the appropriate lens and stick with it. Changeing lenses does cause missed shots. Does a bear hunter take a shot at a rabbit just becasue he can? Maybe so..........but I don't see much coming out of it if you're armed for bear hunting. Get the picture?