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Nikon 50mm 18 D

>I have this lens. It is excellent. Perfect. No complaints. > I have a seperate question. What is AI and AIS? Probably a dumb question, but I am new to this forum. >
I had this lens, and sold it for the 1.4 model. The 1.8D is made in China, the non-D or pre-D was from Japan. I found the Chinese version to be lacking in build quality. Image quality was pure Nikkor, that is to say outstanding. The 1.4 is 3X the cost new, only 1/3 stop faster, and if it is sharper, I can't really tell. Some of my shooting the extra speed is a help, but it "feels" a little more like a Nikon than the 1.8D did. If looking for image at cost, truth be told, the 1.8D is a good value. The older 1.8 Jap. version at about $50 US a better value.
John, appreciate your info. just one silly info, when attaching this lens to say a F65/N65, the aperture setting has to be set to the minimum. During shooting, i suppose the camera will take over in adjusting the aperture size instead of being limited to f/22(min set on the lens) right?
I don't own the 65, but I don't think you can use a non-CPU lens on the N65 and get metering. I can on my D1X, and when I use any AI/S lenses on it, I choose the apeture the old fashion way.
I just reread my post. DUH!!! We ARE talking about the D, with a cpu. SO, you will set the apeture to the minium setting and engage the little clip that locks it there. The camera will adjust it to whatever setting you select with the cameras controls. Sorry, had a brain fart.
Build quality is good enough for all except for the most demanding situations like those encountered by folks from national geographic! which i believe they have the top gears that are also well padded/prodected by ziplocs for their professional uses! heh.. why imagine the extremes when one's not there? does everyone need a quality suitable for mission to Mars? :p
This Lens is sharp and contrasty! suitable for half body portraits and also landscapes too..
If you want to see how the fstop works on that lens, take the caps off the lens (clean it later, ok?) and set the aperture to f/22. there's a little tab sticking out on the mounting ring on the lens, it's spring loaded, move it and you'll see the fstop blades open right up very easily! That's how your camera changes aperture! I'm not sure how film camera's are, but my D100 has a button to the left of the shutter release that allows me to look through the viewfinder and see the light through that fstop to see if I need to adjust the light (a/k/a metering)