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Not thrilled with my 10D


New Member
I upgraded to a 10D in few months ago after being impressed with the images a G3 produced. Though the SLR has given me so much more control over the shot settings, I have been very disappointed with the focus of the pictures. I have sent the camera back to the factory for re-evalutation, but many of the pictures I take still tend to be of focus. About one in ten come out nice. Is this normal? I was ashamed of the pictures taken at my daughter's graduation and when on a recent trip to Montauk, NY, my brother in law's Sony produced many more 'focused' shots then my 10D; both were using auto settings. I have taken 100's of pictures now. Yes, some percentage can be attributed to operator error, however, when I simply place the camera in Auto mode, such as portrait, I can rest assured that my subject's face (the focal point) will be a bit blurred. (The objects behind the subject tend to be in better focus). Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Do I need to send the camera back to Canon again? Any sugestions? Is there someone else in Canon, besides the factory repair center, I can talk to about this problem? I would like to invest in a set of L series lenses, however I can not justify buying them at this time. Unless of course the lens is the basis of my problem.

Thank you, Michael Pollum

I sure hope someone can solve your problem as I was considering getting a 10D. It will be interesting to see if other users have had similar problem. Have you posted this same message on photo.net as I think they have a Canon thread as well.

Good luck.

There is something in the 10D setup that mentions 7 focus points. A review I was reading said that the user had set his at "Dead Centre" . Could this be at the root of your problems .
Both my photo partner and I use 10Ds for weddings and have experienced zero focusing problems.

Just curious, but what would dead center focusing have to do with the out of focus situation?
Marc A. Williams (and others).... thank you for your reply to my post at CanonInfo.com .... I have been having difficulty with sharp focused images ... this may not be true with all 10D's however, for ex&le, if I take a picture of a person's face and have the camera focus on it, when the picture is downloaded from the camera, the face, which was to be the main point of focus, is out of focus. I have varied the apperature to adjust the focal length, I have used the preset auto settings, manual settings, varied the autofocus not be on dead center, etc. etc. etc. ... I use a Canon EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 II USM lens. It would be nice to meet someone in my area (Southern NJ, Southeast PA)that has a Canon 10D, in order to compare performance the cameras.
If the remark about "dead centre focussing" is intended for me as I raised it altho' it is not clear who it is intended for -I dd not say it DID have anything to do with the OP's problem. I merely asked if it could be -I dont know how the 10D works in this respect Stuart
Is the 10D with the zoom lens perhaps a little bulky? Try to reshoot with a tripod to test for too much coffee. If that's it maybe you just need to work on your grip of the camera. Lets eliminate the simplest possibilities first before sending the camera back to be checked.
Let us know if you're still out of focus.
Good Luck

>But that ( camera shake ) would show up with all the picture being blurry >rather than just a part of it as in "out of focus"


I purchased an EOS 10D which came with the latest software version installed, so I assume it is of very recent manufacture and I have no focusing problems.