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Nothing extraordinary ....

Guest .

.... but let this year's macro season have a start! :z04_photos:

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SIGMA SD14 / Bellows+SIGMA 18-200mm DC (F:13 @200mm)

See you with nice macros


P.S.: Watch the DOF @ F:13 + 200mm!


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A clear and easy answer ......:)

All insects do not mind distance (an long as your photo equipment does not throw a shade on them!)

Neither do they mind flashlight (even of high intensity!):)

BUT: They really do mind movements of any kind! Thus approach them very carefully and without any quick movements. So you will be successful.

All my bingo shots are freehanded! In most cases I use a flashlight. Nobody has ever detected me using flashlights ..... The best flash-shots are those, that do not prompt it!! :)

See you with nice pictures