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NX Matrix metering observation




I was recently comparing the matrix metering of a NX with my old Nikon 601. In this mode the NX was always giving 1 stop lower reading then the Nikon.

28mm 3.8/60

28mm 3.5/125

I have obeserved this in actual picture taking also. The NX gives proper exposure for the high light but it doesn't evaluate where the high light is. for ex&le if you are taking a portrait in the shade and the background though occupying 15% of the frame the meter will expose for the high light and the subject will be dark while the Nikon will give proper exposure to the subject and the high light will be overexposed.

So set the custom function to show you the difference for spot and matrix and watch out for the indication.

With the in built flash also you have to be careful as any highlight though small will stop the flash output in TTL and your overall picture will be under exposed.

Nikon Matrix meter intelligent. NX use your own.