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Official Chat about Leicabs DMR


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today was a Chat from Leica on their homepage from 5pm to 7pm German time.

Except from the delay for first deliveries, there are no news about this DMR. It will be available in April 2005 on a first come first serve basis. All special offers will be prolonged accordingly.

The reason for the delay are software issues. Leica decided to deliver the product not on its originally planned date (December 2004, which would be in 2 weeks) because of problems with the software, which were not explained in detail.

No price changes (still 4.500 Euro), no changes in technical data (still 10MP).

Leica does not expect any new DMR soon after this one. They state that this DMR is already so good in combination with the Leica lenses, that it does not make sense to add more MP on it.

The multiplier of 1.37 stays also the same. As long as a digital back and no complete new camera is offered, a fullsize chip will not be available.

For extreme WA like the 15mm, there will be information about vignetting in the ROM of the lens, so that it can be adjusted by the software and reduce therefore the vignetting.

Leica sees its DMR as a long term solution for very high requirements of anvanced amateurs and professsionals. They have no doubt that the results of the DMR with the Leica lenses will excel competitors products.

The Chat will be within the next days downlodable on the Leica website.

Hope that gives you a good overview.