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Oly c8080 Novatron 400 VR Help...


New Member
New to the forum. I have a Olympus C8080 wide zoom camera. I picked up a used Novatron 400 VR kit that came with 2 heads, one 2100C and one 2140C. I set the heads and the umbrellas to bouce the light back on the subject. With a FM02 light meter I check f-stop for 100 ASA. It read 5.6; With the settings on the camera at 100 ASA, the knob set at 'Tv' aperture priority at 5.6, and the flash popped up, set at 'Auto' or 'Fill' I shoot some pictures. All of them are underexposed. Moved the light stands around no difference, the pictures were all dark. I then used the exposure compensation moving from '0.0' all the way up to '2.0' the pictures got slightly brighter but now way close to what a good one should be. The setting is in a typical living room, once during the day with some diffused sunlight and once at night with 2 CFL. Spouse and son are unhappy after having posed for a long time.
I read the complete manual online. It says to go into the menu and set the flash for 'slave' and then choose the required brightness from '1 to 10'. I haven't tried that, hopefully for the weekend. My question is what am I doing wrong. I know the built in flash fires and the slave on the power pack senses and fires the two headlights. It looks like it made no difference to the pictures. I was hoping to take nicely lit portraits with no shawdows to begin with. Thanks for your help.
Ok folks, I was able to figure it out. As I said in the last part of my message, the portraits looked really good, lit up nicely with the built in camera set to 'slave' and the brightness set to '3' on a '1' to '10' scale. Now for more of those shots.