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olympus e510


New Member
I am about to purchase the e510, having been a canon user, but due to the weight of the canon 40d, find i need to have a lighter camera. Can any user tell me of the experience they have had with this camera, and how high do they rate it, i do a lot of walking but the canon is similar to carrying a brick around, will the oly please do you think?

I have an E-510 and I really like it, my previous camera was a Nikon D80 and like your Canon was also heavy. I have had mine since October and am very pleased with the results.

An E-510 is a good choice. The 520 I feel is not quite as sharp due to the stronger anti aliasing filter. Shoot RAW with a 510 and under expose by 0.3 to 0.7 and the lift the dark areas in post processing, and the blown highs are not such a problem. Feels good in the hand. I like the 410/420s also, but the 510 is more practical and is more comfprtable to hold for a long time, esp. with a bigger lens on it. A real work horse for a very reasonable amount of money. I got mine for 200 Euros, like new. Hard to beat that.