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OM1 FW 1.4

Are folks seeing and appreciable difference with the latest firm ware?
I can't say that I have.
Not that I was experiencing any issues with 1.3.
My OM1 front focused in CAF mode (+5 AF correction) through firmware 1.3. I took it to OM Systems NJ Repair Center and OM Systems Technical Support told them to
them the problem would be solved by updating the firmware to 1.4 ( OM System Tech Support - "This correction gives the lens more accurate information in terms of faster focusing and better positioning of the image stabilizer."). They were correct, it completely solved the problem and even more importantly, it reduced the variability of focus so the a higher percentage of images are very accurately focused.
I still have one OM-1 that I have neglected to update from FW 1.3 and the other OM-1 is on FW 1.4. I use them interchangeably and have not noticed a difference. Glad it solved some issues for others like drj3.
I recently watched a video by Andy Rouse and he advised to update to 1.4 because it improved image stabilisation. I updated and think I can see an improvement. Has anyone else noticed this?
1.3 is a big improvement.
I guess I was scared off by how the upgrade process is described. In any case, 1.2 is working just fine for me for now. Maybe I should go read what 1.3 "fixed" and see if any of that would make me happier?
1.3 is a big improvement. Not seeing any difference in 1.4
I think I’ll stick at 1.3 as I’m getting no problems with IS nor AF.
If I do opiate and it causes a problem I have already got stored firmware 1.3 to use to revert to I’d needed by the sx card route.
Updating the OM-1 using the iPhone has worked extremely well. I have been updating my Olympus bodies for the last 16 years the old way, but the iPhone makes very convenient.