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OnOff battery cover for M6 TTL


New Member
I saw a battery cover for the M6 TTL that allowed you to turn the light meter of the camera on/off by pressing the cover to create contact (on), and release (off). Does anyone know where I can find this Leica Mod? You know how the TTL eats up batteries when you leave it on. Thanks in advance.
Erik, I don't see it here but I replied with a posting from some fellow who got the on-off cover from Leica a few years ago.--bob cole
Thanks for your help Robert.
I managed to find the info about the item, but unfortunatly the link is dead. Anyone have any advice, or maybe even one for sale?

"-In September 2002 Larry Welker started selling a M6 battery cover with a built-in on/off switch which he calls "The Rose". See the photos and details on his www site at quickreleaseplate.com/m6switchpage.html."