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Osmo Action 3 recent experience

Joe Lynch

I bought an Action 3 a few weeks ago and now have over 20 hours of recording experience with it, mainly in a daily dash cam service during a daily commute 60 miles round trip. I tried several codecs and the only one that caused the camera to overheat was 4k 60 fps in 10 bit. The 4k 30 fps setting didn't result in anything more than the camera shutting off the screens, but it kept recording. These were around 40 minute recording sessions. I can live with these limitations.

The DJI wireless mic system costs as much as the camera, but it works great with the Action 3. My only complaint is that the receiver sticks out from the camera some and it can be bumped off the camera. I may add some sort of retention arm or gaffer's tape to keep the receiver from coming loose or falling off.

The DJI Mimo phone app works perfectly with the Action 3, and is a real help when shooting solo or if one wants to change settings while the camera access is limited.

Overall, a very good experience so far with the little camera. I bought a second one for a backup and loaned it to my nephew for a few weeks after burning it in with 10 hours of windshield video, during which time it worked perfectly.

Another design feature I found very helpful is the ability to add screw on type Freewell ND and CPL filters in place of the DJI lens cover. I now have 3 stop and 5 stop ND's to use on partly cloudy and clear sunlight days to allow 1/60 sec shutter with the f/2.8 lens and still keep the iso between 100 and 400.

Well, that's enough for a first post in this forum.