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OTUdating my profile


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I haven't been here for awhile. From the looks of the dates on some of the posts here it looks like not very many people have been here much lately either. Anyway, I'm here, though, and last night I looked at my profile here and was surprised to see what it said about the cameras I was using when I first did my profile: OM-1n, OM-2n, OM-10. I still have ex&les of all three of those cameras, but, 2 years later or so, those are not the cameras I use much any more. I still use a film camera fairly often-- an Olympus 35 RC rangefinder-- but now it's mostly digital. I use my E-300 and also a C-5000. I also recently bought a very inexpensive Canon a-series digicam. My, how much things have changed for me in a relatively short time. I process my own shots with PSE (I'm far, far from proficient at it, though), I share some of my shots using pbase, and I make most of my prints at home on my own printer. If things changed that much in 2 years I wonder what I will be doing 2 more years from now?

Interesting self-examination.

I still shoot slides, but with my autofocus cameras, and Hasselblad. I still use my OM2N on my telescopes, 1.2 when needed, 300mm with a 2x, and sometimes just for the fun of it.

There are so many opportunities today. Scanning and printing like never before, and even for those with little or no experience. With a few exceptions Kodachrome being one, films are excellent, and the digital camera firmware is better allowing for good 8X10 prints with only 5 mega-pixel cameras.

A great deal of the time while traveling instead of changing lenses I select the camera that will give me the angle of view I want.

Choices, choices, and choices. Oh, and more to come?

Have fun: