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Outdoor flower shots wrong colors and are too contrastyblown out


Active Member
I noticed that when I shoot flowers outdoors the bright colors look very wrong...blue looks like purple,purple looks blue, greens on the trees look very artificial. What settings should I use for outdoor landscape pics in general? Please let me know if I need to be more clear.
Chek the color balance, som it's not wrong! Use automatic or sun when you are in the direct sun Ilkka
WB is only one of possible reasons.
strong effect on colours has exposure: try to underexpose a bit, because histogram in D70 CAN LIE. even though it shows everything is OK, one or two of basic chanels may be overexposed (red, blue, green) - and even Highlights mode will not tell you. this usually happens with bright sky or red/yellow flowers.
try to open the image in Nikon Capture and hit "L" key - it shows overexposed channels.

another reason may be automatic or odd setting of camera custom paremeters - tone compensation/contrast