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Paint it Black


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The Contax rep said the black G2 is still in production. I wonder how comethey don't offer any rebates on the lenses?
I believe the black version of the G2 is currently in higher demand than the Silver one. The Black one is more descrete, and less of them was made. I guess my answer would be that the Black G2 is a quasi-special-collector's camera and they know they can sell them without discounting them.

Well the silver one looks like a consumer camera, which is discreet in it's own way. The sliver one isn't painted, so the finish is more durable. The black finish will scratch if provoked. Both are nice, I'd agree the black is probably in higher demand, thus the price rebates on silver right now.
I am not agre, the black brick does look in my opinion more visible than the silver one wich looks in my eyes more discret.
I have never liked cameras in Black, why do they manufacture the most cameras in black ? in the sun the get hot very quickly etc. White or something with a modern painting or in different color anodicized could be made without further expense.
In 1930 Filmcameras were black, and still today common and silver too.
But anyone has a different view or another taste.
But I would go for the Black laquer version (not black version) if I would get a black one.
Picturetaker said "But I would go for the Black laquer version (not black version)"

There are two black versions?
I think the G2 is discrete whatever finish it is. So many people are out there shooting photos. As long as it doesn't look like a pro SLR with a humongous zoom lens they don't care.

What they don't realise is that the lens being used blows everything else away.
Yes there are very rare G2 in Black Laquer finish. As much as I know lenses are non Laquer finish, but I am not shure.
Its sad Contax did not advertise the whole range of different finish, it looks like Contax does b...l s..t consumer.
The f..k up the Contax Brand more and more when the keep going like this. Consumer wish to get the Black version but cant get it or it is a very hard to get item.
I dont understand this marketing from Contax, thoght they wanna sell Cameras and satisfie customer.
In Europe its much worse than in USA, Contax treats consumer like real m....r f...er customer.
Hold on! Wait a second! Are you saying that Contax made two versions of the black G2? The lenses are not lacquer. I was recently offered $1500 for my black zoom.
Yes there was defenetely a G2 in Black Laquer finish.
But I have no idea were to get this, and if the lenses were also Black Laquer or just black anodiized.
G2 versions



and while we are at it .....


BTW, there is rumoured to be a special version of the G1 .... anyone out there know anything about it?

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.