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Presenting my book




Being a Contax user for 15 years I finally managed to produce a book with my best work.

I have chosen to publish it on the internet only (to save my money), but hope that someone will find it interesting and inspiring.

Go to http://www.photos4u.dk to read the book, its free.


> Ole,

Thank you for sharing those images! Beautiful color and 'vision'!

I am jealous, Mike


The photos are inspiring to an amateur like me, thanks for sharing them with us. Also the descriptions are helpful to someone like me ! I will be revisiting the site !


I rememeber some of these pics from your old web-site Ole - lovely pics , they were deserving of being published . Steve
Ole -

Nicely done, I enjoyed the work very much. For me, straight photo books with limited background information seem a little cold. My own photography is (maybe to the detriment of the images) about much more than just the image, and your text really complements the images well. That's not to say that the images lack anything -- I enjoyed them greatly and found them compelling -- but just that your text is a great complement to the great images. Thanks for sharing them online -- great stuff.
Hi Ole,
Wonderful site. As John says the text only adds to the picture - 'a picture speaks a thousand words', but a picture and text speak even more. I have visited your site a number of time over the last year or so and have always enjoyed it. This is the first time I realised it was linked via ContaxInfo.
Many thanks,