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Problem between my digital camera and the usb port


New Member
I have a problem when I connect my digital camera on my computer via the usb cable.

If I use new baterries (1.5 volt), it's ok the usb port regognize my camera and I can download the pictures on my computer.

But if the batteries in my camera have less than 1.5 volt (ie: 1.48 volt), than my usb port does not recognize my digital camera.

I am becoming crazy because of that problem. It's borrowing because I always have to use new batteries if I want to tranfer my pictures.

I hope one of you coul help me

I thank you in advance

This problem is due to the fact that the camera require a lot of power to transfer the images- more than it uses taking pix. Your best solution, and this works faster than the camera, is to buy a card-reader (no more than 50$) which plugs into your computer via USB and takes it's power from USB as well. Otherwise you do need to keep charging batteries (you're not using alkalines are you? they aren't worth it, they crap out fast and can't be reused, buy Ni-MH batteries if you can with a charger, about $30.00. Also, read the &erage on the batteries, they range from 1300 to 1850 MAh, the higher the number, the more power the battery can put out, and last.)
A USB card reader can be had for about $20 USD these days, they are very common and I even see them at WalMart. eBay is a good source for these items at cheap prices, if you go for the auction kinda thing.

Another option is to plug the camera in to a power adapter while transferring images. That is assuming that the camera has an AC adapter available (mine allows battery charging while transferring via the adapter, a nice feature).

The USB card readers are much faster than the camera, and very convenient. If you have a laptop also consider a PCMCIA adapter - they are even more convenient though often a little more expensive unless you have CompactFlash cards.

Cheers! - marc