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RAM speed



Greetings one and all,

I am considering upgrading the RAM on my computer, will this help the download speed from the camera to the computer, if not how can I speed things up? It does seem to take an inordinate long time at the moment.

Thanks in advance


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Your best bet is to read the compact flash card directly in the PC using a Firewire or USB-2 reader (not USB-1), rather than downloading from the camera. More RAM won't speed anything up in that department, unless you only have 128MB right now, in which case it will speed up everything

>Hi DJ,

Not sure if the wire that runs from the camera to the computer is USB1 or USB2 or truth be known whether it is a firewire. How would one tell the difference?

Thanks for your help.


The answer to life the universe and everything is 42
Hopefully the instruction manual tells you
. You don't know what kind of interface you're plugging into your PC (or MAC)? What kind of camera?