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RAW develop software


I'm find really qualified person to talk about RAW develop software. Please, if you don't know what are Kelvin, how made the light, how works calibration and software of retouch and other pro info, don't reply at this thread.
Hi Amaxgraph,

I do not quite understand your point?! Do you want anyone to write a book here?!

See you with nice pictures

My point is simple, i don't write a question, but a thesys. If you don't know how other ask to you, tell at other, don't give a response like that one gave to me in the post "red garrish...", because i'm thinking that you don't know nothing of that you say. Well, i open this 2 post only for person that have study in a scholl of photography, had a good preparation on digital (better on programming PC) and have do many experiment with your camera and post processing software. that's all.
Hi Amaxgraph,
if I understand right you are looking for persons which are professionels or those they think they are.
If you read the postings in this forum carefully you might find most users are
keen amateurs and hobbiists.
Maybe this forum is not quite what you are looking for.
Be an amateur (or hobbist), don't is the same to be a storyteller. I want to have contact with person that have a serious interest to photography (and good skill), only this condition, every discussion are welcome (macro, astrophotography, etc.) but with pro approach.