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Red dial


Well-Known Member
what does the "red dial" mean I have a IIIf ith a red 25 on the shutter soeed dial and red numbers below that on the "flash ring?" is that a red dial
Dear Ruben,

That is correct. The red dial IIIf has an improved shutter, which is lighter in weight, smoother and quieter.

Have fun; A great camera.

Justin Scott
Thanks !
It came with a 5 cm elmar,3,5 a 3,5 cm 3,5 summaron and a 9 cm 4,0 elmar, a closeup thing (on top of the red box) for the elmar 5 cm and som extensions tubes (3) - the ubes have screw mount and they go 1:2, 1:3 and 1:15 they are black - are they for this camera or are they suposed to be used with som mirror attachment ? the were also a smal "tube" or converter ring (4) with screw mount towards the camera and some kind of bayonet mount and a red dot facing the lens - it is not for a M lens (i have tried)
you can see the different things on this photo - I have solved the other questions so it is the 3 one the black tubes and the 4 on the ring that i miss getting cleared- by the way with a serial number of 666 xxx how old is the camera - I have been shooting with it all weekend - the film insert is a bit more troublesome then my M6 but it has a wonderfull feel - great ergonomics - and the shutter times seem to be accurate
Dear Ruben,

The NOOKY is a close focus device for the 5cm Elmar. Fit to the camera then install the lens using the rear bayonet of the lens cell. Very accurate.

#4 I cannot tell without a closer look, but from here it does not look like any Leica device I have seen.

The tubes need "spider legs".

666 XXX indicates 1953.


PS You wold be advised to buy some lens hoods.

FOOKH for the Summaron (I have a spare)

FISON for the 5cm Elmar

FIKUS for the 9cm Elmar