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Regarding the viewfinder and tripod socket



Could an AX user give me an idea of the ease of seeing the shutter and aperture information? My question is whether the numbers are red LED's similar to the 159 I now use, or some other type. My concern is their usefulness in unevenly lit situations, such as on a stage where the background is nearly black and there is little ambient light available for backlighting a display.
The other question is about where the tripod socket is located, in the middle or toward one of the sides? Front to back location would also be a factor. Having, say a 180 in the front, requires a very tight ballhead so as it doesn't drift down from the weight. The AX being no lightweight body surely won't improve the situation, especially if turned to portrait orientation.
Joe W
Hi Joe.... Contax have thought this one out very well.....

The readout is an excellent, contrasty LCD - greeny-yellow and is self-illuminating. It has 2 levels of brightness that is automatically chosen by the camera depending on the level of brighness in the main viewfinder area. I have no trouble in dark or brilliant shooting situations.


I particularly like the fact that the info is all on one line... in one place.... no more scanning around the screen to see all the info!


The tripod socket is where it ought to be .... ideal for those telephotos. Again I have no problem using it on my Benbo with Tamron 80-200 f2.8 (big beast) with a Manfrotto quick-release bracket on the camera body. When I feel like making the effort, I transfer the QR bracket to the mount on the lens!


With my Tamron 300 f2.8, (even bigger beast)I always transfer the bracket to the lens!

Ask if you need more info.

Cheers, Bob.
Doh! with all this faffing over Digi vs Film lately, how could I forgot that I could take a photo of the FILM viewfinder with my DIGI. Or vice-versa ;-)))



The real view is better than my DIGI can reproduce!

Cheers, Bob.