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Repair of TVS and T2


New Member
Hello, I'm new to this forum, but an old-timer with Contax and Zeiss cameras. I have two really mint condition Contax compacts, but both have problems. The TVS makes only a clicking sound when the battery is inserted, but nothing else. The T2 loads film and rewinds, but won't fire the shutter. Most of the time the T2 lens will not extend. The counter registers properly when the film is loaded. I tried installing a brand new CR123 battery, but that did not help.

Any suggestions?

Not sure, but try in better light condition?

Hi Karl,

A few weeks ago, I re-discover my old T2...and recalled the same/similar situation. I changed CR123 batts twice, and took it outside in the best of tropical daylight...and suddenly it worked.

My personal theory/suspicion, was that I tried to snap some trial pix in my little dark study room. And T2 refused to "take" that pix.

Of course, not knowing your situation, this may be a different problem as compared to the one I experience when I brought my T2 "out of retirement". I only wrote the above assuming that there's no any other (internally/externally) visible issue with your T2.

Another issue I experienced a week ago while visiting a winter country, was that the T2 had trouble "advancing" the exposed film in the cold. It only happened once; so I have been careful not to bring out the T2 into chilly conditions.