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RF Magnifikation which to choose



Hi there all!

This is my first post and I've been an avid reader here for appr. a year now. I still haven't gotten my Leica yet but have decided on an MP and will start with a 90 mm lens and later add a wide angle.

My question is if the 0.58 eye-piece is for < 50 mm mainly? The .72 for 35 - 90 (mainly) and the .85 > 75 mm?

I just read that it will be easier focussing with the .85 than with the ones with lesser magnification because of the longer focal base? This would factor in strongly in choosing the .85.

Thank you for any answer!

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I have had the experience you are askjng about. I have an 0.58 M7, for wide-angle lenses. I focus the 90mm lens perfectly well. However, myu main interest is wide-angle, so it is better for that, espeically as I wear glasses. I have used the magnifier, at an exorbitant price, and it was OK, but when I didn't use it i never missed it. The little chain also broke off, so it's all now in a cupboard. My advice - if you want to use 35mm and below, go with the wider VF. >
Dear Vincent,
There is an interesting paper about this in the current issue of Leica Fotografie International. The 0.58 will allow you (barely) to focus a 90mm f:2 precisely. I will check about the 75; my recollection is that, at 1.4, the precision offered by the 0.58 was not enough (they showed some nice graphs about this with the different focal lengths, apertures and viewfinder magnifications). You may get a boost by using the 1.25 eyepiece. If your natural tendency is longer focal lengths, go for the 0.72 or the 0.85.

When I bought an M7 about a year ago I decided on the 0.58 viewfinder, despite the focussing limitations. I have been using an M4 with its 0.72 magnification finder for many years and, although I love the camera, I don't love having to move my head back and forth to see the 35mm frame lines when I'm wearing my glasses. With the 0.58 M7 I can see the entire 35mm frame and that makes a big difference to me. It is true that with the 0.58 magnification focussing is slightly more difficult, but not dramatically so (I'm speaking subjectively). When you use a 90mm lens wide open you may need to be a little extra careful about focussing, but you would anyway. Basically, I agree with Juan that if you favor 35mm and 50mm lenses and you wear glasses the 0.58 is a good option. If you prefer 50mm and 90mm lenses lenses I'd go with the 0.72 magnification and cope with the inconvenience when you use your 35mm. Lately, I'm tending to use my 50mm lens a lot, so either magnification works great. The only time I really think about it is when I put a 35mm lens on my 0.72 M4, and then I wish I were using the 0.58 M7 instead.