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Roger J. here from Portland Oregon

Roger J

Well-Known Member
This is me, been in the business 49 years as well as contractor, medical field and photojournalist
First Sigma Group 2004 PMA.jpg
  • Manual exposure

Here's a blast from the past

When looking at the photo I'm on the Left of Dick Merrill, Laurance is on his right. Rick is in the front row on Dick Lyons right....................I think Rick is holding a .................Rooster???? It was the year of the farm animals, Hahahahahah

Seng Merrill Dick wife is next to Rick on the right. Both Dick, Seng, and Laurance have past others also.

I still have the "present" Dick Lyons gave me for debugging SPP ver 1807 ?? I can't remember to be honest.

Thank you Fred dinner was fun

I was 53 then. My son was 4 month from being born, now he's finishing his degree in video production using the Sigma FP's and Leica SL2s. Ya go figure. I spend a lot of time on the road with Doctors without borders and as a Photojournalist back then. So a family came late. The "new kid" on the block Sigma went with me, and my Minolta's. Back in the 1970's-2003 I was a Minolta Pro, Minolta paid me $150 per slide and supplied me with gear, still have the Minolta 9000 and G lenses they gave me. The G lenses they work on my FP with a adapter.

I've been on DPR 21 years, whatever the next site is they won't get me for 21 years.......hahahhahahahhaha

"They were the best of times, they were the worst of times"

They were the best of times to be sure.

Don't forget Photokina. One year at the end Photokina all my images Laurance printed were stolen, I got a letter from Michihiro Yamaki san from Sigma Japan explaining what happened, and how sorry he was, my reply was, I was honored someone like my work enough to steal it.

Enjoy, have fun

Roger J.