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Rookie needs help


Well-Known Member
Hello all,

I am completely new to the idea of scanning negatives or slides from film cameras and could use some advice. I'd like to try doing this rather than converting all my film gear, which I love, to digital.

I'm a hobbyist at this, probably not going to do really high volume stuff and don't know how absorbed in this I will get. I have 35 mm and medium format equipment.

Can anyone offer a suggestion on an entry level scanner that they have used with success? I'd like to use the collective wisdom here to weed out some of the sales clutter.


Hi Tom,

I do not use a scanner (yet) but also have no plans to digitise and do have some knowledge of this area, having attended a long and in depth photoshop course ran by a pro at a UK photo college. If you want anything like decent quality and you plan to print resonable size prints i.e. 10x8 inch+ then you really should be looking at buying a dedicated film scanner. One which accepts medium format will cost you more than one which only scans 35mm. Suggest you look at either Nikon or Minolta who appear to be the market leaders. A new one in the UK will be £400+.

Cheers Steve.
You should also consider Canon Conoscan 8400F flatbed scanner. it's take 35 as well 120 film. the quality are reasonable good, pack with a lot of features and the one i brought is only US$180
I like my Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 35mm film scanner but scanning is a very tedious process particularly at high resolutions. It's great looking at your old pictures again but it can take over your life!
I have read reviews in favour of the Minolta but also reviews favouring the Nikon.
I don't know about the new Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II but presume it is better than the 5400.
the soft ware on mine has some irritating quirks. For ex&le, after a pre scan without ICE, if you decide to scan with ICE, the prescanned image disappears. It doesn't seem to affect the outcome. It's just annoying. Maybe the newer model has sorted these foibles.
The cost is probably about £500