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RTS II shutter problem - help!


New Member
Hi folks,

I purchased a mint RTS II a couple of years ago off Ebay. Was thrilled to have it and immediately ran a roll through it to ensure everything was working fine (which it was).

Just today I took it out of the dry cabinet ready to give it another spin. I put a fresh battery in and started to test it. Lo and behold, the electronic shutter refuses to fire. Everything else seems to be working just fine, including the mechanical shutter, and metering too, but I just can't get it to fire using the electronic shutter button.

I literally haven't touched it for a year, so I am wondering what could be the issue here?

Would love to know from you all how I can begin to troubleshoot this.
I had a similar problem with one of my RTS II bodies last year or so - I fear the reasons were different from yours.
But: Maybe it might help just to give it a try...
  • I transported the film manually and had the same problem like yours.
  • I noticed that the film drive couple on the camera body's bottom could be moved a very little bit further, counter-clockwise, until it came to an end.
  • After I had moved it, the electronic shutter fired.
On my camera it was a mechanical problem - I had used the Motor Drive W-6 before and I suppose the motor had had to much power for the old mechanics. But maybe the idea with the film drive couple might help you though...

Sad to hear about your problem. The RTS II itself is a beautiful camera :daumenhoch-smilie:.
If you shouldn't find someone in your country who knows to repair it, there is a guy in East France (near German border) who has serviced all my five RTS II bodies and he did a good job. If you like, please write me a PM, I can give you his address, with pleasure.

Good luck