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SD Card Problem


New Member
Hi guys,

I recently purchased a D80 with a 70-300 AFS-VR, intermittentlt the error msg "CHR" is showing which is Card Error. I am using SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB. Though I didnt have the oppertunity to use another card, am worried whether its a camera problem or not. I have to format the card and then i can take pictures again. This problem again is intermittent. Is there any way we can identify spurious cards from the original ones (particularly Sandisk)as here spurious cards are a srious issue.

I have been using mostly SanDisk Ultra II 2GB cards, so far I don't have a problem. I had bought SanDisk Ultra II 4GB card at ebay which I later found out to be fake ones though. the ebay one was much slower than the Sandisk but it can still be read. Disregard this if you bought the card at a respectable US dealer.