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sd14 writting freeze


New Member
Hi I have a SD14 if I try to take a second picture before the first one has written to the card, the camera system freezes and will not even turn off. I have to remove the battery to get it back working. I have downloaded fireware v1.08 both parts but it has not fixed the problem. Can anyone help Thanks dannyboy
Danny...that's just one of the issues with the SD14...I would recomend that you get CF cards that read/write faster than 200mbs in order to take several pictures...even with my ScanDisk Extreme IV I can only take 3 to 4 pictures in a row...and then it takes about 30sec to a minute to write...

Even my SD1-M does the same thing...

Read thru the other posts here there are several threads about this...

Hope this helps a little....Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
thread 'sd14 writting freeze'

Hi Tony

Great news I thought I had a faulty camera. It only happens when I get excited and snap a second shot, say at a wedding before the first on has written. On continuous shooting its fine. Thankyou for the replies to both my Posts.
You may try to switch quick preview off - did help for some users. Replacing CF card may help too - even not using faster card, but different brand. SD14 CF card writing protocol seems to have some incompatibilities with some brands.

Actually such behavior (if that happens constantly) is not normal for SD14 - using firmware 1.05, I've got about 4 or 5 hangups for 5000 images (2sec preview). Well, I don't shoot many images rapidly that often, but certainly more than 5 times.
And I'm using Sandisk Extreme too (can't say, which version) - seems good and reliable.
For card compatibility info...i am personally using Lexar Professional 133x cards. Never had a problem in these last 5 years...and i hope to not have them in the future too :)