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SD9 rechargeable batteries


Well-Known Member
Hi colleagues,

Since the lithium non-rechargeable batteries are quite expensive, and the SD9 seems to be quite hungry in power, I decided to buy some rechargeable batteries for both sets, (the 2x3Volt vertically located and 4x1.2 horizontal wise).

For the first set I've bought a charger and two sets of 3.0Volt lithium rechargeable batteries. For the second, the new GP+ hybrid batteries (that retain the charge). No problem with the hybrids, but when going to try the 3Volt lithium ones, I had the inspiration of measure the voltage. I found (quite puzzled) that the nominal 3Volt are really 3.7Volt and the set that should provide 6Volt was providing 7.3Volt alltogheter.

Conclusion: I don't dare putting the batteries inside the SD9....

Has anyone else had some experience with such batteries?.
Does anyone know if they can be used safely?.

Many thanks in advance!.



Well-Known Member
I do hope someone comes to your aid, but I have no experience with the SD9, Jes.

In my SD10 I have been using Hähnel RCRV-3 batteries, rated @ 3V - 1200mAh since I bought it new more than 3 years ago. They seem to last for ever and ever!

Hope that helps.

Sincere regards, Jim R


Well-Known Member
Hi Jim, thanks for your answer.
I don't know the SD10, but the SD9 uses two battery sets. One is based on 4xAA batteries or 2xCRV3 batteries, and for this set your advice is valid.

But it also uses a second battery set based on 2xCR123A batteries, that is the set I want to replace. These are thicker and shorter than the AAs and each single battery is 3Volt.

Kind regards,



Hi Jes,
I think you can use them.
You mesured the batteries with no load,thus idle.
As soon as some load is put to them the voltage will drop.


Well-Known Member
I bought 3 pairs of 2000mah lithium rechargable batteries from ebay..that work great...they are the crv3 form factor.....

Tony C.