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Shoe mount strobes’ weirdness with A7RV…


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For my Sony bodies, formerly A73 & now A7R3, I have used and continue to be pleased with my Flashpoint (Godox) strobes, both shoe mount AND standalone strobes. Function perfectly on the A7R3.

Just started testing my A7RV with my Flashpoint (Godox) Zoom Li-On X R2 shoe mount strobe.

In TTL, or Manual with the integrated transceiver TURNED OFF on the flash, all functions are NORMAL.

The problem is (only on my A7RV), In TTL, or Manual with the integrated transceiver TURNED ON, the display on the flash ONLY shows the letters WL, a small lightning bolt icon, and a small camera icon. The WL and lightning bolt are inside a circle with a line going thru it. SEE Screenshot with blue background.

The only way for me to adjust the flash settings hidden under this graphic crappage, is to half press the shutter release on the camera and I can then see and adjust flash settings as long as I continue to half press the shutter button. It’s a pita to have to do this while changing the flash settings. Again, flash fires wireless strobes very well.

IF the transceiver is turned OFF, I don’t get the weird icons.

I tested my R2Pro-II S 4-channel transmitter (Flashpoint/Godox), and it works perfectly. The on-screen LCD of the transmitter does not have any weird graphics blocking the settings.

I ALSO tested my older Flashpoint (Godox) shoe mount ZOOM LI-ON R2-S speed light This strobe does not function as a wireless transceiver and it does not function as a standard TTL flash (no transceiver). See screenshot with green background. It’s telling me to SET YOUR CAMERA. Set it to what? There’s no information anywhere in the Sony A7RV manual.


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Hello All: So after all of the screwing around taking much time writing my flash problem topic, I found the solution thanks to Mark Galer's Sony Flash tutorial on YouTube.

All of my problems centered around using the wireless transceiver function of my flash units. In another YouTube video, it said that "Wireless Flash" should be turned on. I thought that was a prudent suggestion. considering I was triggering an external flash wirelessly using the radio in my hotshoe flash. Soooo, I turned that function on.

II thought what the hell, I'll turn it off because Galer said it should be off. Now my issue is completely solved and everything is cool. Very counter-intuitive menu item which seems par for the course when dealing with many of the commands in these complex, but very capable cameras.

Starting to love my A7RV again, the more I get familiar with it's quirky menu system!