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Shutter Exposure vs Noise Reduction ON


!!_Before move on, please spend sometime to read the following post, which is the begining of the story ->


Hi to All,

Here's the the images taken with different shutter exposures (60", 30", 15" and 6") and all with ISO 200.

but realised that at exposure of 60", not matter Noise Reduction is ON or OFF, the noise level are quite similar (highly significant). Of course, the faster the shutter exposure (i.e. from 60" to 1"), the contrast of noise level between Noise Reduction ON and OFF would be more significant.

With the Noise Reduction ON, try not to take photos with shutter slower than 30" at night. Once slower than 30" (i.e. 40", 50" or 60"), even the noise reduction is on, there would be some visible noise level, unless u are willing to do some postprocess (i.e. Neat Image) to get rid off the visible noise.

Sorry, this is just my little empirical test, if there are anything wrong please criticise me.

!!_Each File is Approximately 3.3MB_!!

01. [ISO200, s/60", Noise Reduction On]

02. [ISO200, s/30", Noise Reduction On]

03. [ISO200, s/15", Noise Reduction On]

04. [ISO200, s/6", Noise Reduction On]