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Sigma 50-150/2.8 VS 70-200/2.8



I'm planing to buy one of these lenses, but I can't decide wich one. In my country at Sigma dealer the 70-200 is only 130€ more expencive. So that's not my bigest problem. Also I think I can get some discount fot both lenses.

Here's my problem. I have read some reviews and tests for both lenses and I still can't decide wich one to chose. In some reviews the 50-150 lens gets a lot of critics about its front/back focus problem, and 70-200 gets a lot of critics about its sharpnes in both focal ends. Sharpness is very important for me, and think that I'll be dissapointed if the lens is not sharp enough. I looked a lot of pictures taken with those lenses, but everyone shows their best pictures from which it can't be told about their quality. I also would like to know in what percentage focus misses, front/back focus problem occures... I have to say that at the moment I don't miss telephoto lens very much but sometimes it could come handy, that means that it wont be my primar lens. I'm leaning towards 50-150 lens because of its dimensions and weight, but focusing problem worries me. I will use this lens for travels, portraits and casual shooting when some extra zoom is needed. At the moment I'm using 30/1.4 and 18-50/2.8.

Could you please help me to decide, wich lens to choose? I would like to get info from actual users who uses those lenses daily. Is the 70-200 that better lens, worth buying over 50-150?

Oh yes, I'm using Sigma SD14 camera.

No help here, Vigor. I decided on the 50 - 500mm as my "all round" lens and over the 3 years I have owned it, it's served me well. Bit of weight, but hey, from my point of view it's worth the effort. It's almost permanently mounted to the SD14 body with my SD10 connected to the 10 - 20mm when I'm out on location.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

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Yes 50-500 is a great lens but a bit expencive for me, and also quite big and heavy to. But it doesen't have 2.8 aparture wich I want the most mainly for its depth of field at 2.8 and also for shooting at lower light when higher iso is needed, because I don't go (rarely) higher than iso 400 due to high noise (color noise) and lack of color saturation at iso 800 and 1600.

But thanx anyway.

Bye, igor

Yes I have read those posts but I don't have apropriate software, and I didn't understand everithing writen there specialy the table shown in http://www.sigmauserforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=339 that post. I didn't understand what those numbers mean and how and where should I use them.
But I was fascinated over what I saw. I also downloaded trial version of Raw Photo Studio and try to follow the tutorial Claus-R had written, but the result wasn't nearley as close as shown. I don't understand what chroma-noise and luminance noise are, so I really don't know on what should I pay my attention. I've simply move the sliders as shown on tutorial. I know it has to do something with color changes, but it was a trial version and I didn't manage to figure it out in that time.
And the second reason is that I don't like to much ''software manipulation'' with photos. Only basic manipulation I use on my photos, because I sometimes don't have time to play with software, or I don't have the will. Yes I agree that sometimes software manipulation is needed, and I do use it, but for me it has to be fast an simple, otherwise I lose my patience :) I enjoy taking pictures, but I don't really enjoy editing it. :) As I said earlier only the basic (sharpening, saturation, exposure...).

But don't get me wrong, I would like to learn how to manage the picture in that way, but it's dificult for me when I follow the instructions and don't get the right result, then I don't know how to move on. It would be better if someone show me how to do that, and explain it to me, then it would be much easier. Until than, the only thing is to try ant try and try :)

Now I got in totally wrong way. Sorry.

And thanks
Hi, Vigor!

I was probably where you stand now way back in the mid nineties. I too was easily frustrated by my inability to follow advice from others.

At this time in your journey, all I can sincerely and honestly do for you is to encourage you to persevere and maintain a positive thought process.

Oh, and wishing you a little luck shouldn't do any harm either. :)

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

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Sorry if my techi posts are difficult to comprehend, I always thought people would simply ask if there was any problems understanding the information. The purpose of forums like this is for people to have discussions. I also try to be sufficiently detailed with the hope that I'm providing all the info on the subject.

It has always been my view that the stupid questions are the questions which never get asked. Basically, if you or anyone has a question, ask it, otherwise how else would you ever learn.
I think you've helped to "raised the bar" somewhat around here, Steaphany and your comment above hit the proverbial nail right on the head. I'll endorse your words with my own motto, "There aint no such thing as a silly question". Great work!

We are all in this together, using this forum to help each other along the path of our individual digital, photographic journeys.

Please do not be afraid of sounding "inferior" with any questions you may have. The only goal here is to help each other.

Sincere regards, JR

Portfolio: www.pbase.com/jrdigitalart