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SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS

Guest .

Hi All,
well, telephoto lenses have always fascinated me for various reasons ...

First, you have the chance to target things, which are out of the normal reach of what one can watch with their bare eyes.
These are the most interesting pictures, that show people what they normally cannot see or do not notice ..... :)

Secondly ..... many pictures cannot be taken with lower focal lenghtes because animals would be put to flight with the photographer being closer to them .... birds in particular. :rolleyes:

Before I had the 80-400 EX OS available, I used to take my super telephotos using old lenses mounted with a T2-M42-SIGMA adapter to my SIGMAs.

The SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS has two main advantages ... first the OS (optical stabilizer) and secondly the AF (auto focus).

Well, using an OS lens, in very many situations, you really can do without a tripod/monopod, really!

To shoot just out of hand is essential for a big number of shots which are impossible, if depending on using a tripod.

With the 80-400mm EX OS, you can manage shutter speeds longer than you would ever have thought of .... without blurring the shot.

View attachment 213

The 80-400 is quiete a long and heavy lens (here the lens is at 80mm ... at full stretch it is even a lot longer). However, it is worth to be carried... :)

View attachment 214

The "EX" sticker .... SIGMAs icon for their exclusive lenses .....

Well, to give you a taste of what goes with it ....

View attachment 215

SIGMA SD14 / SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS / ISO 800 /... 1/30s out of hand @ 400mm.

Well, 1/30s @400mm does not have to work ... it will ... depending on your skills and if you are lucky ... in this case, it worked.

But, ... 1/100s @ 400mm is quite a save thing to be managed.

Shots like these (at poor light).... 1/125s and 1/100s @ 400mm are no miracle but an effort of the OS system of the lens.

View attachment 216

View attachment 217

View attachment 218

See you with nice pictures



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Hi all,

in the meantime I did a lot of training with the lens.

I would like to show another example of how well the OS works ....

View attachment 357

I took this shot at comparatively poor light conditions freehanded. At ISO 200 and maximum aperture f:5.6 nothing more than 1/40s shutter speed was possible. Sure ... you have to be lucky ... but without the OS-system it would have been absolutely impossible without blur.

Lens: SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS
ISO 200
1/40s !!
351mm (597mm FF)

See you with nice pictures



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Incoooooming newbie

Hi all,
Brand new to this site - first post. I am looking to get as much guidance as possible (exif info? etc) on using a 120-400mm HSM OS lens that the mailman should be bringing me very soon.

Spent 2-years on a point-and-shoot Lumix with 12x optical and loved some of the results.
Now I have graduated to a Nikon D60 I am wanting to go shoot critters'n stuff.