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Sigma Macro 28-80mm Hood where to get?


New Member
From my old 35mm SLR setup I have a Sigma Macro 28-80mm lens. I guess they must not make this lens any more because I can not find it. On the hood a few of the tabs are broken on it and it just does not say on the lens right. I am trying to find a replacement for it. In the hood there is a part number 603. I contacted Sigma with no luck. They never got back to me.

I am trying to find out where I can get replacement hoods. I have been searching for over a week now with out any luck. I thought I found it on Ebay but no luck. :(

Thank you for any help on this.
Lens hood.

Hi ,
I also have this lens, and obtained a new hood for it a year or two ago from Sigma UK who had it in stock, possibly old stock, for around £14.00.
That might have been the last one but they were very helpful and posted it on to me. Perhaps some of the Sigma Locations might have one.

Good Luck.