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Sigma sd14 accessories



Re: Sigma SD14. These accessories are relatively expensive for me. I'll be doing mostly outdoor/nature of the beaten track and w/tripod at times.

I'm new to digital photography but these seem worth it (?)
PG-21 Power Grip the Sigma CR-21 Cable Release , Sigma
SAC-2 AC Adapter

Thanks, your opinion is valued!

Lee G.
Hi Lee,
I'd say a definite yes to the power grip. Especially if you're gonna go outdoors. And for me personally it makes the camera easier to hold. As for the cable release, if you have a tripod you can set the SD14 on self timer on the tripod. And the AC adapter, it would be hard to find a plug to plug it into when you're out in the woods! But if you're gonna do a lot of indoor/studio stuff then I'd get the adapter. I've been thinking of getting one but it's so expensive!
+1 with the powergrip....

As far as the cable release...I would probably go with a third party one that has some control to it....look on ebay....

The power adapter...not unless you are doing portrait work inside...I would spend more money on batteries....:z04_photos:...you can never have too many....:z04_yes:

Tony C.
I have and use my AC Adapter SAC-2 all the time, I prefer it over battery power while my SD14 is connected to my computer. It's utility really came light when I shoot time lapse and wanted to go more than 2,000 exposures.

The Power Grip PG-21 is essential and I've push it to it's capacity, making life easier not needing to worry how long the SD14 will be powered.

As for remotes, I have 4:

Sigma RS-31 Infrared
This I rarely use and it can only be used when your in front of the SD14 since the SD14 must be able to see it.

Sigma CR-21 Cable Release
This also is rarely used and it's greatest value to was helping me understand how to rewire the JJC TM Remote below

JJC TM-Series Multi-Function Timer Remote
Now that I have this fully functional, it has been getting the most use out of all four. Essential when you need to set a defined period of time between exposures.

SM Development Co.'s RFN3 Model RF-805 Wireless RF
I turn to this when ever I need to use a remote with out the need of the timer function. It triggers the SD14 by radio and has great range. There is no limitations of cable length as compared to the CR-21 or TM-Series and you are not locked into position as with the RS-31. This is especially useful when I'm shooting through my 1250mm Orion Maksutov Cassegrain telescope since nothing is tethering me to the equipment, I can walk away and control the camera to ensure no vibrations blur the image.

Do check out the Accessories discussions, you'll find more there.
What I use for outdoors/nature

The cable release is essential. I do not use the CR-21, but rather converted a Pentax and a Panasonic release. The SD14 shutter trips with the two rear most contacts while the focus/exposure lock is with the tip to rear contact (which is opposite of the Pentax). The Pentax conversion was a piece of cake - take out two phillips screws and swap the white and red wires. But, I did not like the 'feel', so I took the Panasonic release, replaced the cord with a standard 2.5mm stereo cord, and took all the resistors off (surface mount) and soldered the three wires so they would activate properly. The Panasonic release has a superior feel (distinct clicks) and is smaller. It even has a small clip, which I use to attach the remote to my shirt. It does not have a shutter lock like the Pentax, so if I am doing night shots, I will use the Pentax release.

As for the battery grip, not too useful for me - I carry spare batteries (NP400 for B&H at $10USD each). Same with the AC adapter (no outlets on hikes).

What is essential for me is a 2" Kirk universal Arca plate, which I use with my Kirk QR mounted on a Velbon ball head. If I ever find an L bracket, I would get one (has to clear the remote plug).