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Sigma SD15 hangup


New Member
Hi, I've just purchased a Sigma SD15 camera and have found a problem with the camera hanging up and becoming unresponsive following download of photos from the camera card to the computer via USB link. I have tried various sequences of disconnecting including switching the auto-power function off but still have the hangup which is only resolved by removing the battery and replacing. Has anyone else experienced this and able to give me any advice/help?
Peter...a lot of people have had this issue and the issue when you take too many consecutive shots....the ways around this...

First make sure you are using class 6 SD card or faster...this will help with read/write times and downloading to the computer...

Second use an external USB thumb drive adapter....were you stick the SD card into it and down load it to the computer...this will be fast than hooking up the camera and this will be safer too...if you bump the USB cable the camera is attached too several times you could damage the main cuircut board, which is an expensive fix....

Third always format your card in the camera...don't use the PC/MAC to do it....

Hope these help you out.... Tony C. :z04_cowboy: