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SIGMA SD9/10/14..View-Fider-Magnifier

Guest .

Hi all,
there is a fantastic way, to iomprove your SD-view-finder-performance...

Well, as it turned out, a Pentax product is really the right thing for the SIGMA SD/9/10/14 cameras

Specification: Pentax O-ME53

View attachment 219

View attachment 220

Well, manual focussing in particular becomes much easier, using the Pentax O-ME53.

It fits the SD14 as if it was made for SIGMA-use.....:)

See you with nice pictures



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Hi Bob,

I am always glad, if my contributions are helpful to others! :)

Thank you very much for your answer!

Well, whenever I have to focus manually I am grateful to have this nice tool.

See you with nice pictures

Thanks, Klaus. Although such items are not always easy to locate here in Australia, I must look into that the very next time I travel to the "Big Smoke", as Aussies refer to the cities.

Sincere regards, Jim R
Thanks, Uwe!.

Some time ago, I put a Nikon one (that amazingly fits) on my Canon EOS 350D, and the focusing precision improvement was notable!.

Kind regards,