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Small G2 Bag



I am a new G2 devotee, and really appreciate all of the support on this site.

Any advice on a small bag that would hold the G2 body, a 45mm, the TL-200 flash, and a few rolls of film ... and no more than that?

I have bigger bags for multiple lenses, but I would like something like the above for maximum versatility with the above basic setup.

Many thanks!
Hi Philip,

I've searched far and wide for the perfect G/M bag, and I found that I can put a G2 body, 90, 45, 35 and 28 plus TLA 140 and film in a LowePro Linx 80. It's available, shipped, from www.shopdirect.com for $30 and is product number 2108010. You can check it out at the LowePro web site. There is a smaller version of it in the same series (Linx) that will hold what you have listed.

If there is a LowePro item you don't see on the shopdirect web site, simply call them 800-266-6971, and they'll order it for you and have it directly shipped.



I use a Billingham Pola Stowaway (Airline). It is small but, will hold two lenses, flash, filters, lens hoods, etc. It looks and works great. You can check it out at Billingham, RTS, or B&H.

Best Regards:

Hi Philip,

Don't hesitate to look beyond "camera" bags. e.g., there are dozens of fanny packs marketed for hikers and runners that hold a water supply and a few necessities. They're padded (insulated) have any number of clever accessory pockets and are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. I've found the equivalents made specifically for the photo market to be inferior and expensive.

That's what I typically use when taking a minimal kit such as you're describing. The other benefit is that they don't announce "camera here."

Hello Steve,
had a look, seems very good. Could not find a price? What does it cost?
Regards from Vienna in spring
Mountainsmith bags are very popular with the college crowd. This model seems to be the winner.

It should be able to hold a body and a couple of lenses. They don't look like camera bags, but a standard fanny pack style.

From the travelcountry website:

The Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack was the one that started it all. Their first Mountainsmith lumbar pack featuring bottom compression straps to efficiently transfer the load to the lumbar area. The Day's large main pocket carries the bulk of your gear, while the inner valuables pocket holds the items you don't want to loose. If you want to take the Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack off of your waist for awhile you can use the adjustable shoulder strap. Mesh side bottle pockets holds your hydration. For hiking, urban touring, or school, the Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack is still a perennial favorite.


The pink color shown may be just the ticket!