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Sometimes it's straight photography but other times...


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I like mucking about in post to see what I get using a wide variety of techniques from sketch filters to mirroring (parts of) images and using extreme B&W contrasts. It just makes photography as a whole so much fun to always discover new ways to express reality and capture it in a flat image. Here's a few samples (clicking will take you to larger previews on my own web album site).

A traditional Dutch landscape with the ubiquitous windmills

An Egyptian or scifi pharaoh-like mask which is merely the interior staircase of a tower (for the Dutch here: het Monument op de Afsluitdijk) on a sunny day

Modern architectural details (Utrecht CS)
I like the Dutch windmill... If I could do that I would print on canvas and pretend to my friends that I was also a fine artist ;) :cool:
I like this colored sketch with pencil. It could be mistaken for a photograph.
Well, it started out as a photograph as you can see from its EXIF info. I didn't do any sketching, I can assure you. (it would have looked really bad if I'd have tried)